Monday, December 14, 2009

Just me clearing my mind.

I've had a blog block for a while now. I just have not had that fire in belly, that fire that can only be put out by blogging. I have been rolling an idea around in my head for a few days now. I have hesitated blogging, because it is not really keeping in the season, and I could come off looking like an ass. All that said, a blog is your personal feelings, a reflection of you for the world. This is how I feel, so I'm not ashamed. Keep in mind that I don't actually dislike all people that do these things, I am giving my opinion on the act not the person. There are however people that I dislike that exhibit some of these behaviors. I judge people individually, not off one or two actions, but who they are and how they relate to me. So now that my disclaimer is out of the way, here we go. Things that irritate, annoy, and just plain frustrate me.

People getting all high and mighty about saying happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. Christmas is one day, happy holidays is a reference to the season, there is more than just Christmas in this season that spans November through the beginning of January. So chill out nobody is trying to take Jesus’ birthday away.

Holiday lights on your house that are just done half assed. You've seen them, trees that only the front are lit. The house lights go about three quarters of the way around and stop, because I guess you ran out of lights. Lawn ornaments that are just thrown out there, you know Mickey Mouse and Goofy caroling for baby Jesus and the three wise men.

Jewelry commercials that make it seem like women only love you if buy them jewelry.

People that complain about not having any money, and then take time off work, or leave early the first chance they get.

When you ask someone how's it going and they proceed to tell you everything that is wrong in their lives. Every day you ask them, and everyday there is some new end of the world event that they feel they have to share. Pretty soon you stop asking and then they want to know why you don't talk to them anymore. You just became the latest thing wrong in their life, and they will tell that to the next sucker that asks them. "How's it going" is a greeting, not an invite for free therapy.

The person that no matter how bad something is for you, they either personally have it worse or know someone else who does. That's great and all, but your problems and your friend’s problems are not my problems. My problems are worse to me because there my problems and they affect ME! The one upper, they have done it better. They have had it harder. They have been sicker. You have two they have ten. It's my story, go away.

The loud laugher, that tries to draw all attention to themselves by laughing about everything as if it were pure comedic gold. You're making a fool out of yourself and belittling the person telling the story.

The person with the car stereo that cost four times what their car cost. They turn up the bass so that they can "bump" like the rest of the cool kids, but because of they are driving a rust bucket full of loose nuts and bolts, all you hear is an uncomfortable vibrating sound.

I know there are a lot more, but I feel better now. I just needed to get that off my chest, to clear my mind. Judge me if you will, put me on your list of things that bother you. People who blog about people that bother them. Just remember, I do not think I am better than these people. I am sure that any one of those people could come up with things about me that they don't like, but that's for them to blog about. These are just a few things that irritate me.

I do hope everyone is having a happy holiday, because it really is a great time of year. Look past all the worries of can I afford the perfect gift, is my gift to that person as good as their gift to me. Try and move past that hole in your life that may be there because a loved one is missing from the picture this year. Just enjoy the magic of it, if you let yourself go and really try, you might get just a little bit of that feeling you had when you were a kid.

Be nice to each other, even if that other has some qualities that you find annoying.


  1. You are NOT on my list of things that bother me. Believe me, most of these things bother me too. The one that made me laugh out loud was the one about the Christmas decorations. It sent me scurrying to the door to see if we were possibly included in that particular description. I don't think so. No lit up snow men rolling around in our front yard and just a few lights. That i think go all the way around the tree. I hope....

    I'm glad that you feel better. : )


  2. Glad I made you laugh, and your house always looked nice lit up.

  3. Did you see me driving with my radio on?? It is old, a little rusty but has a GREAT sound system! I crank it all the way up and SING along. It's the only place my family lets me sing! But I do have fabulous outdoor lights! Happy Holidays!

  4. Well where did MY comment go! geez! cyber land i guess.

    What i said was....

    You don't bother me! I agree with everything you said here and guess what? You didnt even come off lookng like an ass! Good job! :0)
    love you